Monday, January 05, 2009

Yankees Invade Texas

I've been in Texas for eight years. In fact, I flew here with a one way ticket on December 28th, 1999 - just in time to celebrate the millenium New Years with Angie. We watched New Years ring in around the world.

It took my family some time to come down to visit. I know the trip isn't cheap, but it seemed like a long time to have visitors. My AMA came down first. She's been here the most. My nephew and sister received tickets as presents. My brother won his ticket. My sister has been down again since. My nephew has made stops and his odd jobs took him to Texas.

Several years ago, I started giving my cousin JP and his wife Jill the business for not having come. Their twin girls, Natalie and Cecile, play "Going to Texas" in their dining room. They've learned the words to "Deep in the Heart of Texas", but they've never been.

Until now.

The funny talking yankee foursome arrived last Monday.

MON: We didn't do much. We visited and relaxed. We toured the Rowlett police station as part of a girl scout meeting, and had the awesomest Tex-Mex in North Texas, the Blue Goose Cantina.

TUES: We went to the Dallas Arboretum and scavenger hunted animal statues and plantlife. The yanks experienced Sonic Drive In for snack and Dickie's Barbeque that evening for dinner.

WED: We relaxed for new years eve, attending the Lone Star Circus. It was surprisingly awesome. That evening we grilled steaks and halibut.

THURS: The adult yankees went to the Garland Shooting Range for some pistol and rifle shooting. The youngins got their nails done. Breakfast for dinner finished the evening.

FRI: Cowtown was calling. We experienced the Fort Worth Stockyards cattle drive and championship rodeo. Riscky's Steakhouse was selected for dinner. Yum.

SAT: We went to the country as the stop on which all New Yorker visitors must participate. We visited Angie's aunt and uncles and cousins around Bonham. We ate, shot clay pidgeons and fished. The kids pet Anibel the cow, the cow that thinks she is a dog.

Yesterday, the yanks had a 6:20am flight home. I'm still tired from the week, but we had a GREAT visit.

I can't wait until another eight years is done, so they can come back.



ChefMichele said...

Well now I think more NY Lessard's have been down than not. Hope we are all still welcome because I am trying to decide when my next visit will be. I am thinking maybe for Christmas this year. I figure your freezer should be well stocked with game by Christmas no? Sometimes I wish I lived closer to see more of ya'all. But then again maybe I wouldnt be so welcomed then. LOL

Native NY'er said...

...but you neglected to mention all of the IMPORTANT stuff! Like how we helped you to remember how to speak proper English! How you dicovered that I CAN hit shoot a tree! That "pi-khan" comes before "pee-can" in the dictionary! That the gals kicked the boys' butts in Scene It! That the pint sized NY'ers gobbled up the deer chili and breakfast sausages even after finding out you had KILLED BAMBI AND WILBUR! Sheesh, you are going to force me to actually update MY blog! Stay tuned and come on and visit us soon, y'hear? xoxoxo