Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Uniquely American

I don't know if the statement is true, but the news commentator called it, "Uniquely American".

The 'it' he was referring to was the transfer of power for the president. He said it when the Bushes and the Obamas stood on the north portico of the white house. From all reports, the Bush team has been working with the Obama team to make the transfer seamless and orderly.

The commentator went on to discuss how the way the United States transfers between outgoing and incoming administrations is not typical. It is an orderly and cooperative process involving no bloodshed. I figure that more and more countries are fortunate to have democratic elections, but we've been so blessed to be doing it for more that two hundred years.

It was said that we transfer power the way we do because we do not honor or follow single families, but an idea - and idea that is made real through our Constitution. Clearly, the Constitution of the United States is a remarkable document, written by remarkable men. Men that seemingly put what they thought as proper and right ahead of personal fortune and well being.

As I see the reaction of the people at the inauguration, I can only believe that this is their great hope - that the incoming administration will put the needs and the well being of the people, and the country, ahead of their own.

I don't know if we'll have politicians like that ever again...but as I ended my last post, the hope is certainly present (and welcome) today. It's the same hope that, as a country, we've held 43 times previously. However, this one is clearly different. As our first black president is sworn in, this country has undeniably taken a step forward. A step that says we are more united today than we were yesterday. A step that recognizes humanity, regardless of race.

Although I abhor the politics of the man, I am so proud that he is our president. Although I believe that the liberalism of an unbridled Congress run by Succubus Pelosi will spend us to oblivion, I also realize the amazing historic situation that President Obama represents.

I can only say that today, I am uniquely proud to be an American.


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Robin said...

KUDO's Scott. I so feel the same way...I didn't intend to watch the inauguration, but I was home (for the first time in a long time) so I watched it...and teared up, and puffed up with pride and all of those other touchy feely emotions. I thought Mr. and Mrs. Bush were gracious, Pres. and Mrs. Obama gracious...and good point, a transfer of power without a bloody coup and true to the constitition (I loved that Obama stopped the chief justice when he read it wrong!)

It was historical, memorable and the amount of people? Crazy good. I didn't vote for him (though I liked him a lot BEFORE he announced his candidacy...) But you know what by God? He's my president and I am behind him 100% And so far? Nothing but admiration for his character.

Let's face is Lessard, our generation has never had anything to get behind really, we missed Kennedy, we missed Vietnam, dessert storm was military maneuvers...but to see the young people vote and rally...and the nation unify as they haven't done in generations? Well, it makes my heart pitter patter

I'm hopeful and optimisitc. Maybe that's my PollyAnna syndrome...but it's better than a negative one , n'cest pas?