Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Help a Virtual Brother

I am consistently entertained by the writing talent of Travis Erwin. His blog is a regular stop for me...he's talented, entertaining, extremely funny - and although I only know him through his blog and his comments on mine, he seems like a decent human being.

Why he follows my stupid site is beyond me.

If you follow my site, you've probably checked his out. Assuming that is true, than you probably have become a regular of his. Then, you might already know that his recent post on his blog was that his house burnt to the ground.

It's amazing to see the effect that something bad happening to "an Internet bud" can have. There have been over 125 comments from well wishers on his site. I am sure that many are like me - pleased that everyone is ok and morbidly curious as to what happened. Sort of like his multipart posts about when his infant son was sick and his subsequent breakdown. We were all hitting his site many times per day waiting for the next installment and weeping when it came.

I bet many are doing that waiting for an update.

In the meantime, some of his extended Internet family started a blog for donating to a fund to help Travis out. The price of a brick or two is insignificant to the value of his regular entertainment that he provides.

And, more importantly, to the help of a fellow human being and his family.

Here's the site, if you haven't already clicked the link above:




Anonymous said...

Scott! Thank you (and the other virtual friends) so much for doing this. I was just trying to find a way to be useful. I am going to link this from my blog, and donate as well.

You are an amazing individual.

Robin said...

hey Scott...I got there and donated and feel more pressure because I know Travis and I'm in his "immediate" area...thinking about setting up a clothing/furniture fund and help out.!