Friday, January 09, 2009

Cookie Puss

Usually, I just buy and eat them. This year, I'm selling them. Actually, Cassie is since she is the second year Daisy Scout for troop 8459, Rowlett, Texas. Them being the perennial favorite - GIRL SCOUT COOKIES.

Since I don't really have an office to go into, I'm selling to my Internet family and friends. I'm not allowed to sell via the Internet, so send me an e-mail or give me a ring and I will hook you up.

Click HERE to see the menu

I'll ship anywhere (on your dime), or you can donate the amount to the troop or the cookies to our soldiers (my dime). Or, you can do what AMA does...tell everyone to pick out what they like so we can keep them local.

I vote that option. I'll take a box of Samoas.

And, thanks for your support. Our troop is almost fully funded by cookie sales.



Travis Erwin said...

Scott I just wanted to stop by and thank you for being my friend and for thinking of my family during our recent ordeal. The support we have received has been phenomenal and thanks to people like you this whole trying time has been easier to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck on cookie sales! My daughter is selling for her first time this year, too. It's odd to me though, we are both in TX, and you get to keep the "Samoa" name and you have choc chip ones.

I hope your daughter has a blast!