Sunday, February 05, 2006

City so nice, they named it twice

I guess someone from back home interpreted by profile entry about getting to Texas as fast as I could as a slam on being from New York. Couldn't be more far from the truth. In fact, I used that in my profile because it is an old saying down here. But then again, I've heard this down here, too;

"what the difference between a yankee and a DAMN yankee?"

OK - truth is, I love New York. I love living in North Texas, but I still think that NYC it is the greatest city in the world. Besides missing my friends and family back there (duh), I miss much of what the town offers, including the ATTITUDE, the SMELLS and the SIGHTS. My aunt has a phrase about NY, that is right on - "where else can you get champagne and strawberries at two in the morning, if that's what you wanted?" I can tell ya this much, not in Dallas. It takes me a drive just to get a cup of coffee and a donut.

Things I miss about NY (besides my family)...

White Castle hamburgers at three in the morning

View of the east side over the East River from Astoria Park

Basketball rims with metal (or worse, no) nets

Benny's Burrito on Greenwich Avenue

Trying to decide the best way into Manhattan (midtown tunnel or 59th Street bridge)

American Museum of Natural History (my absolute favorite place in NYC)

Mets games at Shea Stadium with Jill and JP (Go METS!)

PizzaTown on 30th Street and 7th Ave (right across from the Garden)

Snow on Christmas Eve (or just some snow once in a while)

The view from the World Trade Tower observation deck

Sigh...good times.

Answer: "A DAMN yankee stays!"


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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, interesting stuff! Couple a few points -
1) there is NOTHING good about White Castle hamburgers at 3am, how quickly you forget!
2) there is NO good way into Manhattan; again, how quickly you forget!
3) Met games haven't been the same w/o ya!

xo yr cuz Jill