Saturday, February 11, 2006

Whew! I made it to Saturday

Have you ever had one of those weeks where is just seems like EVERYTHING is due, everything that is due is major, and that your personal life is also so busy that it just adds to the mayhem. Ultimately, it feels like there is no time to sleep (and literally there is very little) and that the ONLY thing keeping you going is that you know Friday is only a couple of more days away AND coffee? Well it's Saturday, and I've had one of those weeks. In fact, my week like that started last Friday night and I call it the 'Week of Tests'.

What was going on this week is not important. Suffice to say there were some major deliverables during the week, culminating with a presentation to our EVP of Sales and Service on Friday. I used to pray that I did really well in those meetings and that I would be hailed as a superstar. Now, I just pray that I get out without looking or saying something stupid. I guess I've matured a bit since those days of wanting to be a hotshot, and I am comfortable with the skills I bring to the table.

Add to a difficult week at work was the fact that BOTH classes I am taking at UTD scheduled the first major exam of the semester on the same week. If I wasn't preparing for something at work, then I was studying for an exam.

Since work and school were taking so much of my time, two things were family and my sleep (incredibly enough, I was able to spend some quality quiet time with God this week). Thank God, Angie understands that I sometimes (and temporarily) have weeks where I either have to travel, or otherwise unplug from much of the family. Last week was that week, and she basically takes care of everything family related. She does her job AND mine and she is awesome. I know I can't do weeks like last week without her, or God. Thanks, baby.

To celebrate the week, and to reconnect, we had a date night last night. I'll post about that and my attempt to handle this last week by "giving it up to God" next time.


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