Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Idiots (or fools) and their toys...

There's this really cool toy that I've been playing for the last couple of days. It has my whole family mesmorized. It's called a "20Q" (I know, I'm a slow adopter of technology and these things were like so 2004). Tease me all you want, this thing is uncanny. It's based on the old children's game of "Twenty Questions". You know, where your friend thinks of something, and you try to guess it by asking 20 yes or no questions. However, the first thing you have to do is identify if it is "Animal, Mineral, or Vegetable".

It is uncanny how the 20Q gets it right so often.

Take a look at a recent series of questions:
Q1) Animal
Q2) Is it small? NO
Q3) It is dangerous? NO
Q4) Does it have claws? NO
Q5) Is it something that you can purchase? NO
Q6) Does it have 4 legs? NO
Q7) Can it climb? YES
Q8) Can you hold it? NO
Q9) Is it usually colorful? NO
Q10) Is it smooth? NO
Q11) Can you see it in a zoo? NO
Q12) Does it bring joy to people? NO
Q13) Do you know any songs about it? NO
Q14) Is it a mammal? YES
Q15) Does it stand on two legs? YES
Q16) Is it worth a lot of money? NO
Q17) Can it be hunted? NO
Q18) Would you use it in the dark? NO
Q19) Can it swim? YES
Q20) Is it comforting? NO

20Q guessed, "are you thinking 'ninja'?" NO

Q21) Is it a predator? NO
Q22) Can it cheer you up? NO
Q23) Is it flexible? YES
Q24) Can it run fast? SOMETIMES
Q25) Does it live in groups? YES

20Q guessed, "Is it an Amoeba?"

Stupid thing is making a liar out of me. My word was "idiot" - namely, someone who blogs about kids toys!

If you would like to see for yourself check out the online version at http://20q.net/
The website version tells you at the end when you've made a bad response that messed it up. That's kinda cool. It came up with "fool" in 24 questions. Either way, they're synonyms for me with my toys.



Paul Lessard said...

Q26) Does this entry suck? YES

Anonymous said...

I tried the game and you are right it is cool, one more addiction Yeah!!! It made me laugh..