Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I'm so fired up right now, that I need to blog about this. First, take a look at the first comment of the post directly below this one. My nephew seems to think since my posts include many entries about God, my faith, etc. that I am an extremist. It's an interesting comment and certainly a bit judgemental. Not sure exactly what is extremist about it, but I still feel compelled to respond. Several other families members have mentioned my postings and their inclusion of God, so this may help them gain some understanding.

I categorically believe that God created EVERYTHING. And that because he is Holy and we are not, we were necessarily separated from Him.

I believe that God loves us more than we could possibly comprehend, and because of that love He sent His son, Jesus Christ to us for our salvation.

I believe that the Bible is the word of God, and is Truth (all of it, not just the part that I agree with).

I believe that because the bible says that the only way to spend eternity with Him is to believe in Jesus, that this is the case (no exceptions). This means that your actions do NOT get you there, AND that your actions do NOT keep you from heaven.

I believe that God gave us the bible (or, as I like to say - the OWNER'S MANUAL FOR LIFE) because He made us, He knows how we work, He knows what we need, and He wants us to live happy and fulfilling lives. To follow the teaching of the bible is to live in God's plan.

I believe that God isn't about us following His rules. He's about loving us and since He knows us (better than we know ourselves) following His Fatherly nature is for us to follow His teaching (Parents: why teach your children not to touch a stove? Because you're all about rules or because you know it will hurt them? This is why God gives us rules, too. If more men, for example, "averted their eyes from the impure", would we have less broken homes and marriages? Seems to me the answer is yes.)

OK - I could keep going, but I think we get the idea. I now have one question. If, I truly believe what I say I believe above, wouldn't it make sense that our ALL-POWERFUL, ALL-KNOWING, and EVER-LOVING GOD BE THE CENTER OF MY UNIVERSE? More important than even my relationship with my wife and my kids (and other family)? You better believe it. Does that make me a worse husband? Ask Angie, but I bet the rent she'd say the more I am in touch with my relationship with God, the better husband and father I am.

EXTREME? You bet! I'll not judge you if you aren't, but be assured I'm praying that you'll be.



Angie said...

Paul - don't worry, he is still the same Scott, just better. It's an amazing thing when you start living your life for someone other than yourself. Especially when that someone is God. I guess from the outside looking in, it could be called extreme. But it really isn't. We're still the same people, just trying harder to do it right (for lots of reasons).

I do know that if it wasn't for us finding a church and trying to live the whole "GOD" thing, we would not be together today. And it's fortunate for your uncle that we did, because I would have killed him by now!!! ;)

Wish you would come to Texas. It would be nice to have more family around!!

Paul Lessard said...

i think this post, as charming and delightful as it may be, only confirms my suspicions.

tell uncle marc i said hi.

Scott Lessard said...

We love you, Paul, faults and all. Hey, that's sort of how God love us. Thank Him for that.

Just curious, what exactly do you take offense to? Or, what exactly bothers you about the way I live my life? Have I changed with respect to how I act toward you? Actually, I have, but is it worse or better?

You seem to have a problem with the way things are for us, and I would call that judgementalism, but I think you're expecting us to be judgemental toward you - and that's what you take offense to. Yet, we aren't.

To Angie's point, we cannot wait to see you again. You have an open plane ticket for WHENEVER you want it. Just give me some notice.

Uncle Scott

Paul Lessard said...

god - 1
sense of humor - 0

Scott Lessard said...

I thought the Uncle Marc comment was pretty funny.