Sunday, March 26, 2006

Why blog?

My first couple of posts were about how blogging is an endeavor that is basically stupid. Who, in their right mind, would care what I have to say or think? Probably not many. However, as I look over my past entries, I see that there is only one intended audience, and that's me. I think the utility to my putting my experiences and thoughts down has more to do with being an introspective record that anything. It is interesting to go back and read my entries. It can be a learning experience if I allow it to be.

I know some that journal. I've tried to do it, but I've never really kept up with it, and eventually I invariably abandon it. However, I've now blogged for upwards of a couple of months, and I don't see an end to it. It's easy, relatively quick, and since I'm on the computer daily, it is convenient. Interestingly enough, when I talk to people about my blog site, they always ask what my motivation is...well, here goes:

1) Keep in touch with family back home. Instead of calling all of my family every weekend, I can keep them updated to the goings on from Texas, all at the same time - with pictures.

2) To get opinions of others. Often, I'm curious if I did the right thing, or if I'm feeling appropriate feelings. Thankfully, my family and friends are always there to offer either a word of encouragement, a critique of my actions, or (in the case of my beloved nephew) a spell check.

3) A written record on how God works in my life. The only way to retrospectively contemplate His good works is to keep a record of them. Basically, if we don't focus on what happens to us, in particular, the good that He does in our lives, we are apt to miss it. The blog is a unique way to keep a record of my openness (or closed mindedness) to allowing him to work in my life.

4) An accountability record. If I put it up on the blog, then you can keep my accountable for my actions. This one is particularly important to me. This weeks sermon by our pastor was one that I will blog about going forward, and one in which I will ask that you all help me stay accountable. It was about anger, and I will talk about that one next time.

Till then,


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Paul Lessard said...

you know i been 'blogging' for years... if you think reading over your entries now is something just wait...

it really isn't about anyone but yourself. i don't know how open you are willing to get with your blogs, them being public and all but it sure is a stress reliever, among other things. sometimes thoughts just need to get out.

i would suggest spell and grammar check though. and chill with the god stuff already. nothing wrong with faith and all but there is something wrong with extremism.

you kooky bastard. i want to come to texas soon. get me a job so i can move there.