Monday, March 20, 2006

Imagine if she were a genious, like Einstein?

As it rained this weekend, we've spent the last couple of days enjoying the end of the kids' Spring Break. Since our camping (and shooting and fishing) plans have been thwarted, we instead went out to eat, bowling and playing games. One of the games we played was Pictionary Junior.

It is relatively easy splitting into teams with Dylan and Marissa, but Cassie tends to complicate things. We gave her the duty of keeping time (she made us say, "3 - 2 - 1 - CUP" to start each round!", and every once in a while we let her draw a picture in which we needed to guess. She loves to draw, and is pretty good, so we could usually guess what she was drawing. This arrangement sufficed during the first game, but when we started the second, she became bored with keeping time. We basically tried to ignore her, until she started guessing drawings that no one else could get...first she guessed crab (and trust me, I would have NEVER gotten it, since Marissa's drawing looked like a flying egg). Then she guessed purse (while I was guessing pail and pot). Lastly, most amazing was her guess of Parrot.

Out of no where, she just blurts it out like she new exactly what I was drawing. We were all suitably amazed by a four year old who was seriously contributing to the game. With her help, Marissa and I caught up to Angie and Dylan and actually won the game.

We've been blessed with really intelligent kids, but even Dylan and Marissa were impressed with Cassie. Marissa mentioned that Cassie has been "really smart this week", and Dylan commented how cool it would be if she "were some kind of genious, like Einstein". I don't know about that, but I do know I want her on my team next time we play Pictionary.



Paul Lessard said...

better a GENIUS like einstein than a GENIOUS like her dad...

Scott Lessard said...

wel sayd

April Walker said...

You know, Sheldon and I do enjoy reading your entries. I think you are a talented writer. I did tell Angie tonight that it seems kind of creepy to know that people are reading your deep, dark secrets. Just kidding. I'm sure those are censored!

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised, why are you?????