Tuesday, April 01, 2008

"Lord, OK if I pause?"

I wish I could pause. I wish I could pause the busyness of life that seems to get me in trouble; in trouble with those around me and in trouble with myself.

Someone once told me that I had no margin in my life. In fact, he's told me this regularly over the last several years. What he means is that there is no room in my life for the busyness that can occur, and because of this I am not well suited to handle it in the proper way. For example, if I don't build some down time for Angie and I to just talk, than our relationship will suffer because everyday life will encroach on us. Another good example is with finances. If we live hand to mouth and don't save a little (build margin) then even a small setback and have serious negative consequences.

The title of this blog was uttered by Cassie when I interrupted her nightly prayers with a call to her to say goodnight (I'm on the road), but it serves as a reminder to me. I need to "pause" every so often and allow God to build margin in my life. To allow me to weather the storms of life that are always threatening to get in the way with my relationships (by building margin with Angie or my family and friends by spending time with them and loving them), with my job (by spending time cultivating relationships or taking the time to pat someone on the back), with my health (by taking the time to eat right, exercise and rest), with my sanity (by taking the time to do something I enjoy), or with my relationship to God (by slowing down and spending some quality time alone with Him).

So, I'll be asking the Lord if it is OK to pause every now and again. In fact, just stopping to ask the question is probably a good way to start.


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Angie said...

Out of the mouths of babes! If we could learn more from them (and Him) we would be better off.

Love you and miss you!