Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Show Me The Money

Sometimes things just work out. Sometimes they don't.

I was home for a first occurrence late last week, and that makes me happy. Cassie lost her first tooth this weekend I was there to witness it. A couple of days earlier or a couple of days later and I would have missed it as I would have been on the road for work. That's the good and I've pondered it since it happened. Imagine if I was on the road and would have gotten a phone call. I would have enjoyed that with her, but I wouldn't have been able to see her face, to hug her, to see her scared excitement that her tooth finally came out.

Or, not there to be a part of the Tooth Fairy. Since she HAD to bring her tooth to school to show her classmates, she didn't want to give it up to the tooth fairy. In fact, she had me lock it up in my safe (next to my gun, some cash and our passports) so the tooth fairy couldn't get at it. But, that means on Monday night/Tuesday morning, I wasn't there to see her wake to the surprise.
That's ok - there will be another and I will be there for it, and I'll be able to see her excitement as she wakes up to some money. In fact, it seems as though that's all she was worried about. Apparently, her friends at school have been placing some doubt in her head about the reality of the tooth fairy, and she asked mom about it. Angie, who seems to think that the truth is the best policy in these matters (which is opposite of what I think), didn't ruin it for me and instead asked Cassie if it mattered what the truth was...

Cassie's response. "Nope, as long as I get money!"


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