Friday, December 05, 2008

The Huntcast

I just listened to the latest episode of my favorite podcast, Huntcast: The Outdoors Show (episode #73). I found the show about a year ago and typically catch up on episodes while I fly.

Joe Duckworth from Michigan hosts the show and I found the podcast on iTunes. I started listening to the show because I wanted to learn more about hunting. Since then, I've found the show informative on more than just hunting strategies, but on important issues such as gun control, land access, the second amendment, and others. The show is very well done and I wholeheartedly recommend it. He's got a great message board, as well. I've bragged about some of the success I've had this season and it's fun to share pictures and tall tales with others around the globe.

Well, imagine my surprise when I stopped by his site and I saw a link to MY BLOG on it. I was amazed by that. I couldn't imagine why he would link to my site. I have been posting about hunting and being outdoors a lot lately, but my stories are nothing special - just about a man, some family and friends, and a new found love for the outdoors - whether actually harvesting game or not.

I proceeded to listen to the show immediately. I have a trip coming in a couple of weeks and would normally have saved it up, but I was really curious if he was going to speak about the blog, like he usually does about the links he posts. Well, to my amazement, he did. He mentioned my name, the site, and how I am a former Yankee just learning about nature and falling in love with what I'm learning. He said something in his podcast that really struck home - he said "Scott gets it".

I think he refers to the fact that I am totally and completely obsessed with being outdoors. Whether staring up at stars so close you could touch them, or watching an armadillo walk across my feet because it couldn't hear me approach in the wind. I feel so connected and alive being outdoors. In fact, my wife recently commented about the "passion" I currently have for the outdoors. It isn't about the hunt and it isn't about the kill, even though that sometimes those are a part of it.

It is about connecting to God and His creation in a way that you cannot when you are sitting at a computer or on the couch. It's about understanding the effect of the wind on game, or how the stage of the moon will effect an early morning hunt. It's about where the fish are hiding in the lake because of cover and shadows, or how hogs can't see very well. It's about listening to the yelp of a turkey or knowing what time sunrise is - and being out there to see it.

However, with the help of Joe's podcast, and other resources, it is also about becoming involved in what's important to us. It's about defending the 2nd amendment and our rights. It's about becoming involved with conservation efforts, either with our pocketbooks or in some other way. It is about handing down a heritage to our children and others. It's about letting politicians know what's important to us and that we vote and doing so unapologetically.

Ultimately, it's about a soon to be 40-year-old man who grew up in New York City and the suburbs of Long Island, who was introduced to the fun of shooting a firearm by a caring man, who fell in love with firearms, then the outdoors, and ultimately with hunting and fishing...and making up for 40 lost years as quickly as possible.

Thanks for the shout out, Joe. Keep up the great work and the awesome show. You, and your podcast are a large part of my love of the outdoors.



Angie Lessard said...

WOW!!! That is so awesome! Who would have thought....

I'm happy you found a new passion, that's what it's all about. Thanks for taking off this weekend for me, though.

Love ya!

Travis Erwin said...

Very cool. It's always nice to know someone is reading your words given the time it takes to maintain a blog.

Robin said...

Wow! You spoke about the outdoors and nature the way I've always loved it (did you SEE the planets next the the crescent moon the other night? amazing!)

As someone in agriculture I see the change of seasons more so now than I did as a child. I put up a lot of our own "food", we buy a quarter beef every fall and tuck in for the season.

I watch mother nature go through her reportoire and I'm humbled every time.

I just dont' shoot at anything with anything other than my Nikon D60, can't do it!

So no, I don't "get" it. But in so many ways I do...dawn, the smells that only come to life after the suns' warmth, silence...and the beings that inhabit that...yeah, I get it!

I sort of get pitting wits against them in a hunting thang. Just so glad you actually "hunt" instead of going to a "farm" where they raise them, place them, and then guide you to them....what the hell is that?

And HUGE shoutout/congrats on getting such a public recog for your blog! See? I recgognize genius when I see it!

ChefMichele said...

Who would have thought my baby brother ( almost 40? LOL ), the little cubscout from Long Island, New York, would have turned into this amazing, insightful, appreciative man? I loved you sharing this passion with me when I was in Texas. I never thought I would love shooting as much as I did, and I actually think I would love hunting too. ( I already know I love fishing ). Being a Chef, I can totally appreciate where my food comes from, I dont think many people do that. Its nice to hear you talk about your passions ( you have many ). Keep it up.
PS- I called the other nite to tell Cassie about Jupiter and Venus in line with the crescent moon. I remember all those nite with Joe Maddi, Daddy, and you boys with the telescope!!

ChefMichele said...

I just finished listening to Joe Duckworths podcast. YOU are famous - definitely weird to hear him talk about you, but very cool!! Nice to know you "GET IT"