Thursday, December 25, 2008

I've Seen the [Christmas] Light

This year, we've added to the Christmas lights outside. A couple of years ago I posted how we could see the house from space due to all the lights, but this year, I think you might be able to see the house from Jupiter. The good thing is that we are basically done - and frankly, we've made it so easy, that it isn't even that big of a deal to put them up.

I love the way the house looks when we pull into the driveway. The kids love it too. I say that I do it for them, but it is more for me. I grew up with lights on the house and a nativity scene on the lawn. I want the kids to have those same memories. In fact, although I haven't added to the nativity in a while(we have Jesus, Mary and Joseph, a Shepard, and a sheep), I found the entire set (which adds the three kings and a life-sized camel). I'll save my money up for that and we'll have it for next year. We'll also add a nice light-up wreath to the second floor window, fix the lights that are out now, and we'll be done. As we take down the lights this year, we'll number the boxes and cords to remember where everything goes. I bet we have the whole house done in a couple of hours next year.

And perhaps, we'll add our cheer to other houses, as well. A good bud of mine who doesn't share my "give--your-money-to-the-electric-company-because-you-are-burning-megawatts-of-power-with-those-fifteen-million-little-bulbs-on-the-house" mentality dared me to put lights on his house. The truth is that for years I have been giving him the business for his dark abode and I've threatened to put lights on his house, but haven't because it's his castle. However, I interpreted a recent blog post of his (see number 7) as approval to mess with the visibility of his house for extraterrestrials. Angie and I put twelve boxes of colored mini-lights on his shrubs. They came out good and his family was happy. Not too sure about him, however. I do know that our friendship is not in jeopardy.

Good thing, too. I have twelve boxes of icicle lights with his name on them for next year.



Packsaddle said...

If I give you my address will you bring illuminated cheer to my house next year?

I will even promise to drop any criminal mischief charges that may arise.

bobick said...

I love you bro-thanks for the Christmas cheer that you added to our house the kids are most happy.

See you soon.