Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last Minute cRUSH

Today is Christmas Eve - for our house, anyway.

When you share holidays due to step kids, than sometimes holidays fall on days other than scheduled on a calendar. Tomorrow, December 24th is Christmas Day in our house.

That means that for Christmas Eve, I had to work. After authorizing the payments of almost a million dollars, I left the office (house) to finish some shopping of my own. The second I left the house, I felt as frazzled as Travis Erwin trying to pack for Florida.

First, I went to church. Christmas shopping at church? Yes. We have a gift shop in the new building and the staff opened it during the day this week for us last minute shoppers. Since Angie and I are rarely up there without each other, I took advantage of the extended hours to pick her up a present. The gift shop is like Kirklands and is so nice that Angie and I decided to volunteer in there. I picked up a little something for her and some GiveDifferent.org stuff for the kids.

Next stop was Kohls. Now I know why I hate shopping. There were tons of people shopping and spending money. I found a couple of things that I was looking for, waiting on line, and paid. Fortunately, no one really pissed me off too bad. In fact, the cashier was very pleasant and said "Merry Christmas". And the way back to the car, I made contact with a guy walking in with his wife. We communicated telepathically. I was happy to be leaving and he was unhappy to be heading in.

Next stop was McDonalds. I needed some double cheeseburger energy to continue. The old lady who took my money said "Merry Christmas" with a lot of excitement.

Home Depot was next. This stop was somewhat for presents and somewhat for home projects. They didn't have what I needed (they NEVER do - I dislike the Home Depot). I left empty handed. The strange lady at the door said "Happy Holidays". Did I mention I don't like Home Depot?

Lowes is my preferred do-it-yourself home supply store and as luck would have it, is next to Home Depot. As expected, I found everything I was looking for. Some gifts and some supplies. Re-caulking the tub is in my future. Also, as expected, the cashier said, "Merry Christmas".

Last stop, Target. The Super Target was my wife's most anticipated store opening when they built it a couple of years ago. She really prefers Target to Wal*Mart, but she hardly ever shops there because it is so much more expensive. Me, I think the store sucks. They never have anything and I end up at Wally World anyway. However, this time, I found what I was looking for. Taylor at the register, who couldn't have been more than 17, did NOT wish me a Merry Christmas, or anything, for that matter.

So, now I'm done. I'm not wrapping presents or anything tonight. I'm gonna let Santa do all the work, cause we are getting up early for the Soup Mobile.

More on that tomorrow.


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Packsaddle said...

I worked as a Checker at the local grocery store on Christmas Eve.

I told everybody that came through my line "Merry Christmas".

The look on the faces of non-believers was priceless.