Thursday, December 04, 2008

Stinky Feet Meat

That's what Angie called the Ham Steaks that she prepared (see pic of the week to the right). She thought they were gamey. Cassie agreed, but what does she know? She's only seven.

Dylan, Marissa and I thoroughly enjoyed our dinner. Baked wild hog pork seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic salt, and other unidentified seasoning. It was tasty, mostly moist, and delicious. Add the french fries, mixed veggies, and garlic bread and we had an awesome meal. I've since eaten leftovers for lunch and still cannot fathom how good the meat tastes.

Last night, we ate the breakfast sausage that came from the same hog. Angie and Marissa made breakfast for dinner; pancakes, cheesy eggs and sausage. Best spicy sausage I have ever had. It had a great little kick, just like I like it. Pour maple syrup all over them and they are perfect. EVERYONE enjoyed the sausage, Cassie and Angie included.

I've also been eating the "Big Stinkin' Hog Sticks" made by the processor. They are hotdog sized slim jims that are very hot and spicy. Delicious snacking is what I think.

We still have summer sausage and pork chops to try. Given our experience so far, I am sure they are going to be awesome. If you have a pork chop recipe, send one over. I think I may try a bacon apple glaze on it, like they serve at the Foundry Grill at Sundance in Utah.

I'm just hoping to bag another hog. I will definitely have to get one every year. I don't want this meat to end.


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