Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thanks, Eric...You Don't Even Know Me

My sister's comment to my last post (scroll down) prompted a Google search. I entered, "It's OK to Say Merry Christmas". Actually, I didn't even have to type the whole thing...Google knew where I was going because it finished it for me.

I got "about 84,000 hits".

Most were pictures of the button on various sites on which you can purchase, but it would seem that I'm not the only one that seems a little perturbed by this issue. Heck, even Citizen magazine has an article about how Christians are organizing in support of businesses that recognize Christmas and against those that keep the sales season non-religious AND are hosting a petition on their website titled, "I Stand for Christmas".

However, one interesting result was from the Tonawanda News and a column by Eric DuVall of North Tonawanda, NY. He agrees with my sentiment, but he comes from the opposite direction. As a Jew, he comments that it's OK to wish someone a "Merry Christmas". I won't paraphrase his column, you can read it here.

So, as we enter Christmas week, I'll be even more confident that my "Merry Christmas" is acceptable. And, if I know you celebrate something else, I'll add that, too.

So, Merry Christmas, Eric. Oh, and Happy Hanukkah and Happy Birthday, too.


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