Monday, May 12, 2008

AMA's Got Vultures?

We've arrived home yesterday with no difficulties. The "2nd Semi-Regular Lessard-O-Rama Slumberfest and Mets Game" is history. The weekend that was "all about Marissa" is complete, and I think she had a great time - even if she did interpret literally a comment from me about my family being vultures and not saving me any chicken parmigiana.
In fact, it was interesting to see how Marissa interprets things all weekend. While we were waiting on line for security, I asked Marissa if she wanted to "cut the line" (or more accurately, use the frequent flyer line). She said no and we waited with everyone else. However, within a minute (and see a couple of other people "cut"), she changed her mind and said she wanted to cut. Things like that were fun to watch. She seemed real interested in understanding the dynamics of my family - something she doesn't get to witness often.

Marissa and I arrived into a rainy NY LaGuardia on Friday night about 90 minutes late. AMA was waiting for us and whisked us home. There was family galore there and we visited and laughed and fought. It was great. We played Bananagrams until 2:00AM which is amazing, since we are all so competitive, games typically result in fighting. That wouldn't happen until the second night of Bananagrams.

The Met game was fun, as we got to watch Johan Santana pitch and David Wright hit. The Mets won 12-6 and we had a great time. AMA, Michele and Jill made loot bags including buttons, key chains, beads, tattoos and Mets scratch off tickets. Who doesn't love $5.00 hotdogs and $8.00 beers? We got a good glimpse of Citi Field, the Mets' new home starting next season. We had pizza and Wright Castles and stayed up late for the second night, as well.

Sunday came and we departed for Dallas. The weekend was fantastic, but way too short.


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The Jon-Paul Lessards! said...

Had a great time with you'se guys (RISSA'S IN DA HOUSE!), I cannot believe it has been 8 years since you left. Wish you guys lived closer, but thank goodness for those frequent flyer miles!! Looking forward to August

xoxoxo NYcil