Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Not So Mighty Movie

We were very much looking forward to watching "A Mighty Heart". We had heard good things about it and we were really interested in the story....unfortunately, the movie is as boring as can be.

The story is about the wife of Daniel Pearl, a journalist for the Wall Street Journal who is kidnapped in Karachi, Pakistan post 9/11. You'll probably remember, his kidnapping and subsequent beheading were one of the several that had been posted on the Internet. I confess that I saw the video, and I will never forget the inhumanity, the brutal-ness, the evil and depravity, the disgust that I felt. I remember crying after watching it, wishing I hadn't.

With that, I expected to movie to be the riveting story of what had happened. Instead, the movie played like watching a group of people eating dinner at the dining table. At some point in the movie, the three of us (Angie, her mom, or myself) had fallen asleep. I fell asleep early, Angie's mom in the middle, and Angie at the end. If our slumber is any indication, the movie just wasn't compelling.

Too bad, because the story certainly was...


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