Friday, May 09, 2008

Meeting My Son-In-Law

Today begins my summer trips with just me and the kids. This weekend is Marissa's turn and we are headed to New York City to see her future husband, David Wright (star third baseman for the New York Mets).

Besides a Met game, we have two family slumber parties ("SlumberMetsFests") scheduled, where 15 of my closest family and I will pack into AMA's two bedroom house. I got dibs on the shower. I'm sure pizza, White Castles (which I will call "Wright Castles for the weekend"), games, and good natured (and some not so good natured) ribbing will be had, as well. I'll blog with all of the details.

Following Marissa's weekend, Dylan and I will be going to Boston in June to see the Green Monster and Old Ironsides.

July will be Angie and I in New Orleans for some food, drink, music, and most importantly - some alone time.

July will also see Justin and I try our luck in Las Vegas. A couple of shows and his introduction to how hard it is to make, but how easy it is to lose will occur.

August will complete my pleasure travels with two trips...a week in Alaska sight seeing and fishing with a friend from work; a week with Cassie at AMA's in NY, while I work.

All of these trips are an attempt to spend some time with the kids (time that I lose when I travel on business) and it is somewhat poetic to use the miles I earn on those trips to be able to travel with the kids.

It promises to be one busy and fun summer.



The Jon-Paul Lessards! said...
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