Thursday, May 29, 2008

School Daze

As of tonight, I'm back in school - and it sucks.

In the short couple of weeks that school's been out, I really got used to not having to go. I've sat with family, played games, worked late, whatever - I could do whatever I wanted to as I didn't have to get to class.

Unfortunately, if tonight is any indication, this class is going to be a continuation of really bad courses at UTD. Starting with last semester, my business courses have been the opposite of compelling. The professors have been bad, and worse, haven't really seemed to give a crap. This class will make it three in a row. I'm in the process of fighting a mistake in a grade from last semester and I can't seem to find anyone at the university that seems to give a crap that a mistake may have been made. Tonight, we met our professor who seemed to think that International Business applies only to India, China, Egypt and Brazil. Not sure how those last two got in there, but they did.

He also seemed to be real keen on reading slides. If I have one major pet peeve it is when a presenter reads a slide to me. It is the number one public speaking no-no and he did it all night. If I wanted someone to read to me, I'd ask Cassie to read one of her books. At home, lots of school - not my idea of a good time. The good thing is that after the first test I'll be able to judge if I even need to go to class. Unfortunately, I really like a class that engages so I can be excited about it. However, being this close to my degree and being so fed up with school, I'll take an easy grade as a substitution, even if the professor takes attendance.

So, if you are looking for me on Thursday evenings, I'll be in class - BA 4371, International Business. Or, I may be home.


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