Thursday, May 22, 2008

Asking For Directions

Face it - guys don't ask for directions. We could be so lost, but we're not going to stop and ask for help. If our wives want directions, they can ask for it, but they better not do it in front of us.

Fortunately, this post isn't about BEING lost, it is about WATCHING "Lost". I've been bitten by the Lost bug, and after four years of avoiding it, I've been taken in. A colleague allowed me to borrow the first season on DVD and I've previously completed the first five discs (20 episodes). The remaining disc (four episodes) was completed on my iPod as I flew back from Washington DC.

So far, the show has been very interesting, if not a little weird. We've got 48 people marooned on an island in the Pacific, we have a crazy French woman and other strangers on the island, an unidentified passenger kidnapping pregnant women, we've got an unidentified monster running around, polar bears, some weird capsule, guys that just stole a child from the island, and a myriad of characters all with their own ghosts and skeletons. And that's just the first couple of episodes. I'm told that by the third season things are running very well. I can't believe it gets even better. I love the way the show bounces back and forth between the island and the characters lives prior to the crash.

I already have season two next in my queue, and next to ship.

Just don't tell me what happens in season four. Just like with asking for directions, I don't want your help.


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