Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm A Slab

This morning, I had the pleasure of meeting a Mr. Oh. He's got a colorful personality, yet likes to lie around and get walked on all day. His full name: Pat E. Oh.

The workers are here ripping up the lawn, capping some sprinkler heads, and hammering wood borders in the ground in preparation for our new patio to be poured. As part two of our home improvements (for part one, click here), we are beginning to focus on the outside. The third part will be a fence, but we are going to hold off on that for a while. The fourth part, which may be sometime next year, or later, would be to cover and screen in the patio so we can enjoy grilling, sitting, an outdoor fireplace, and a hot tub. That will be cool.

Angie picked out a stained concrete sort of rust in color. Today, they border the space (about 25 feet wide by 12 feet deep), lay the rebar, and pour the concrete. In a couple of weeks they come back to stain and seal. I'll probably put up some paving stones to create a nice edge, as well. I'll post a picture as soon as it's done.

It should look nice and we are really looking forward to enjoying our big back yard. We've been looking for some outdoor furniture and also high on my list is a huge honking gas grill. It should be pleasant in the early morning and late at night - but you'll probably never find us out there during the day, at least not until winter.

I can't want to walk all over Pat.



ChefMichele said...

Very cool, welcome Mr. Oh to the family...cant wait to see him. You have a great backyard, will be nice to enjoy sitting out there. Is that Mr. Higgins???? What did you do to him??? LOL He really does look pathetic now. I thought he was cute all furry, but understand that it will be too hot for all that hair!

Scott Lessard said...

It really came out great. I can't wait until it's all done. We'll have some Margaritas and some grilled fajita meat out there, for sure.

Yes, that is Higgins. He's got some kind of clown cut, or some name like that. Angie knows, I don't. All I know is he looks stupid...but yes, he was very hot with all of his hair - he was panting ALL the time. Since the cut, he hasn't done it again.