Friday, May 16, 2008

Special Delivery

The dogs are going crazy, which can only mean one thing...someone is at the door. I look out the window and the FedEx truck is pulling away. There's an envelope at my front door. It's from New York City and it's addressed to me.

I open it, and there's a business sized envelope within. On one side, it says, "WHATEVER COULD IT BE????" On the back it says, "OPEN IT ALREADY! CAREFULLY! NO SCISSORS! SERIOUSLY!"

Now, I'm thinking I've got a letter bomb but the envelope doesn't have much of anything in it. How about some Anthrax...could be. Whatever it is, I'm a little nervous.

I open the envelope with a letter opener. Inside there is a zip lock worst fears are realized. I'm going to be dead inside of two days.

I pull the baggy out and it contains a strange brown granular substance. I expected Anthrax to be white. On the baggy is ominously written:

MAY 14, 2008

How cool is that? Thanks, Jill. I appreciate the piece of Shea which, after this season, will be no more.



The Jon-Paul Lessards! said...

You have dogs?

Scott Lessard said...

My recommendation is to check my blog every 15 minutes, or might miss something.

Make sure you click the link to Angie's blog within my post for pictures.


The Jon-Paul Lessards! said...

My recommendation, is you pick up the phone every once in a while instead of living vicarious through your blog. This way, we would have known about the dog back in December. Not that I am really all that interested one way or the other......


Your loving NYCil

The Jon-Paul Lessards! said...

Here's another recommendation - they should put a spell checker on the blog site. Also, I should preview my posts before I actually post them. To clean up said spelling (and syntax) errors.