Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bored Sick

I was in Raleigh yesterday for an important operational review. In fact, since my interviews back in January, I've had two very important meetings with my boss and his boss (among others). The first was my recommendation for vendor selection (one of the reasons I was hired). The second (yesterday) was to review how that vendor has been doing.

As before every important meeting, I get nervous. Besides preparation, the other way I get ready for these meetings is to pray - I pray to God to help me say the right things and to represent Him properly. I also ask those close to me to pray for the same. So, when I called Angie before the meeting to ask her to pray for me, she informed me that Cassie was sick with a cold and wasn't going to school today (her first missed day). I know how well she is doing in school, so I wasn't overly concerned.

We had our meeting, which went very long due to the great discussion (yes, it went very well) and at my first opportunity I called home to inform Angie. When I got no answer, I became a little concerned - perhaps Cassie got worse and they went to the doctor. I couldn't imagine them doing anything else if Cassie was ill. I tried Angie on her cell phone.

When she answered, I could tell she was out. I asked where, and she informed me she was picking up some items for her three day walk this weekend. I asked how Cassie was, and she informed me that she was at school....

"At school", I inquired.

"Yes, at school. She was bored and asked me to take her to school. She went about 9:30AM."

I couldn't believe my ears. All of the kids know that if they stay home from school, the have to stay in bed or on the couch and that they cannot do anything else for the day. I guess watching Disney Channel all day was worse than sitting in class, so off to school she went.

Does anyone else find that amazing?



Kelly said...

Hehehehe... Knowing you and your stubborness in getting things done, I'm hardly surprised to hear that Cassie did that. :) I know it'd take a train wreck or major surgery to force my kindergartner to stay home.

Scott Lessard said...

Thanks, Kelly.

Good to hear that Cassie isn't totally strange. Or, at least she is as strange as yours. :)


Michele said...

I am not suprised that Cassie did that. It just shows how smart at 5 1/2 she really is. I know I am a bit prejudiced being her aunt and all, but why does her intelligence suprise you? It doesnt suprise me in the least. I am only more impressed with her when I hear things like this.

Michele said...

Oh and another thing, You and Angie are pretty great parents, setting wonderful examples and teaching your kids well. Maybe that has something to do with her actions too.

Scott Lessard said...

Not so sure about that - read my next post.