Thursday, October 18, 2007

Garbage Sale

That's right...not GARAGE sale, but garbage sale.

It is amazing to see the constant flow of people stop at our driveway to rummage through our garbage. Angie is having a garage sale today and Saturday to get rid of some of our clutter, junk, not used items, etc. The proceeds are going to buy her some of her remaining equipment for the three day walk.

When I look at the stuff on the driveway, I see garbage. Old shoes, clothes, furniture, house items, and toys. I guess others see a deal. The first lady who stopped (she arrived at the house even before I had the signs up in the neighborhood) bought $35 worth of Angie's old clothes. A pile of maybe 30 pair of shoes is already half gone, and she's been out there less than an hour. It is amazing. I haven't seen anyone walk away empty handed.

This is on top of the garage sale that her 3-day team had several weeks ago and made more than $1000. I guess there is a market for other peoples garbage. If you are local, come on by...there is still a mirror, a bottle of bubbles or some coffee mugs still available. But you better hurry, another car just pulled up.


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Michele said...

I'll be right there....LOL