Friday, October 26, 2007

Three Days - Can I Make It?

Angie begun her 3-Day Walk for Cancer Research today. In fact, I just got off the phone with her. They are at their pit stop (about halfway point for the day) and she has walked over 8 miles already today. She's doing well, but was appreciative of the couple of team members who are walking slow purposefully to stay with her.

I think I'd rather be walking 60 miles than doing her job this weekend. I am just not wired to sit in line picking up kids from school. Don't get me wrong, I love when I have to kids to myself. We spend some real quality time together that I don't always get to have with them and we do things that I don't do with the regularly. In fact, even though my day started at 4:30 today when Angie got up, my day REALLY starts at 2:00 after my last conference call today.

After I hang up from that call, I go to Cassie's school to volunteer in her classroom. I stuff the Friday folders and then help her teacher with the remaining class. At 3:00, Cassie gets out and we leave together. We will then get Marissa and Dylan at 3:50. We'll have Snack-Attack Friday, where we'll go somewhere and get a snack. The kids love that. Then Marissa has pictures and a Volleyball game, and then she's off to a Halloween party. Me, Dylan and Cassie will hangout until Marissa gets home at 10:30. We'll end our day with popcorn and a movie.

Saturday will be errands, seeing mom and a spectator section of her walk, a birthday party (hopefully) and a ball game. We'll end our day the same way - a movie and snacks.

Sunday - church, lunch, cleaning and picking up mom.

I can't wait till she's home - already


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Michele said...

Oh make it sound like a hardship...LOL. We all know you will be just fine and enjoy most of it. Like I said in the previous post comments, You and Angie are wonderful parents with terrific kids. The apples dont fall far from the tree. ( I hate cliches but use them when appropriate ). This is really all just another life lesson for you. You will appreciate Angie that much more when she is home. Good luck this weekend. I am sure you wont need it. I would say "If you need something call me", but not too much I can do from NY for all ya'all. ( is that the correct usage of all ya'all??? )