Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Girl Scout Daisy Troop 8459 had our first official meeting last night, as parents of five of the girls met at our house for some information sharing. We have a total of 8 girls signed up, but two couldn't make it and I've been unable to reach one. We discussed the structure of the troop, service unit and council, as well as, the goals and probable activities that we can do during this next year.

I am very confident that we have the makings of a good troop. All of the parents were motivated and all were willing to help.

Our focus this year will be on:
1) The Girl Scout Promise and Girl Scout Law
2) Earning Daisy Petals
3) The Program Goals for Girl Scouts, and

Cassie and one of the other girls played while we met - apparently Cassie told her that she is her new best friend...that was quick, but I hope it points to the fact that she is excited and will enjoy being a scout.

Too bad Daisies can't sell cookies. That's what I am going to enjoy.



Michele said...

I think, my dear brother, that its a very good thing that Daisies cannot sell cookies. Just another temptation for you. See maybe not only God, but the Girl Scouts are looking out for your diet. Go Daisies....

Scott Lessard said...

Good point...

Those Samoas are SOOOOO good, though.

Michele said...

LOL, my favorites have been discontinued...I liked the original vanilla and/or chocolate sandwhich cookies....if you see them in TX let me know....