Saturday, October 13, 2007

Thank God For Friends

Response to April. See her comment to my last post and her post on her blog, Another Place to Think...

It's nice to know that I have good friends...friends that care about me to tell me when I'm doing good, and more importantly, when I'm not doing so good. April's post is an example of what I'm talking about.

The truth of the matter is that I have an eating it a disorder, call it weakness, call it whatever you want - just don't call me late to dinner!!! All kidding aside, I know that I shouldn't be eating certain foods and certain amounts of different foods, but in many instances, I just can't help it - and yes, I despise that within myself. I am such a control freak, and make efforts to control so much about my environment, that I see the inability to do this as an significant weakness - in myself and others.

I've blogged about my judgmental thoughts of others, and this area is no different. I project the despair I have onto others, and judge them for my sin...

Thinking about it, though - maybe being aware of these facts and keeping April's post in perspective are part of the battle. If I acknowledge my inability in this area (and allow others to have that same freedom), I would be defeating the judgment and would be on my way to recovery. I don't know, but in other areas of my life that the good Lord has provided healing, it's happened in a similar way.

It will be an interesting journey, one that I will post about often.

Thanks, April. As I learn to love my neighbors more, perhaps I'll learn a little more about loving myself.


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