Tuesday, October 23, 2007

D-Troop Redux

Our First Meeting

Last night we had our first meeting of Daisy Girl Scout Troop 8459. The girls arrived and we decorated name tags. Cassie had made me one earlier in the day, so the girls worked on theirs, coloring and drawing pictures on index cards that had their name printed on front and the promise on the back. We laminated them, and put some yarn on them (as a lanyard) and we were good to go. The room was real quiet.

The next activity was out meeting opening. We practiced the Girl Scout Promise and the Girl Scout Sign in our friendship circle. I introduced the girls to scouting, the circle and what we would be working on. I introduced the girls to the quiet sign, but it was unnecessary as the girls still haven't spoken.

Next, the girls traced each other on large craft paper and then finished their self portraits by adding eyes, hair, noses and mouths, and whatever else they wanted. The girls started to open up a little bit.

We then had snack - yummy rice krispy treats and punch. The girls helped me clean up and then we ended the meeting with a friendship circle. It was quiet, but the girls were eating.

We had 6 girls participate and all seemed to have a great time. It was fun, and we are looking forward to our next meeting in a couple of weeks. I just hope the girls make some noise next time. I want to have to use my quiet sign.


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