Monday, October 22, 2007

Separated At Birth...

...Peter Frampton and my great Uncle Tony.

I should have known by the age of the crowd...I should have known by the fact that my sister was in love with him (in the 70's)...I should have known, but I didn't expect this. Peter Frampton (the guy with the crazy fro on his album cover) has gotten old. And I mean old. When he came out on stage at I was struck how much he reminded me of my uncle Tony. I made jokes about him not being able to play guitar because of arthritis, or that I was afraid he was going to stroke out on stage, or perhaps even break a hip. He even joked at one point that he and his bassist have been playing together since 1847.

Truth be told, the guy can rock. He is one amazing guitar player. When he covered Soundgarden's Black Hole Sun, I knew I liked this guy.

Angie had received tickets to see him at Billy Bob's (the World's Largest Honky Tonk) in Forth Worth. We made an evening of it and spent the night there, had a great Mexican food dinner at Mercado Juarez (perhaps the best Mexican we've ever had - better than the Goose, even) and enjoyed some time with each other - some much needed time as I've been in school for the last three weekends and she has her three day walk coming up.

Ultimately, we had a fantastic time at the concert. I think I'm going to have to bring her to more, because she leaned over to me during the show and said to me, "I want to go to more concerts!" I've been asking her to be more clear about what she wants, and she definitely did.

Anyone know the number for ticketmaster?



Angie said...

"had a great Mexican food dinner at Mercado Juarez" - are you sure it wasn't Mexican "clothes" dinner or Mexican "house" dinner or maybe even Mexican "carlot" dinner?

I had an amazing time with you in Ft. Worth. Frampton came alive again!! I'm glad you enjoyed it as well...even though your eardrum was bleading by the end of the night!

Scott Lessard said...

My next poll is going to be:

Is Mexican Food Restaurant redundant, or is Mexican Restaurant enough to properly describe?

Michele said...

Well first of all, I have to admit I loved Peter Frampton!! Do you remember the house on San Juan Drive and Wayne street that the guy looked exactly like Peter Frampton. It was uncanny! Well he still lives there and has gotten old too. Only he kept the long hair- although its straight now. EWWWW!! Second, I have been to more concerts in the past 2 yrs than I have in the past 20 yrs put together. I am lovin it. Diverse taste in music too. I have seen people from Martina McBride, Rod Stewart, Barry Manilow, Aerosmith, Stevie Nicks and Jimmy Buffet this year alone. I missed the Josh Groban concert because I had to work last minute. Just purchased tickets for Rascal Flatts for January 2008. Cant wait! Finally, Mexican Food Restaurant is redundant. What else would you be served at in a restaurant ? FOOD!!! LOL Glad you enjoyed it. Will have to look forward to going there next time I come to Texas!

Michele said...

PS- yes he does look a bit like Uncle Tony...LOL and for ticketmaster, well I go online to purchase my tix, I have it on my favorites list. Here is the link incase you cant find it online...LMAO