Monday, October 08, 2007

It's Monday, Where's The Update?

When I look back at previous entries, I see a trail of posts about getting in shape and quitting smoking. They are hard to read, mostly because they represent an area of my life which is just an incredibly difficult struggle. It's not all bad news (As of Oct 5, it's been five months since I smoked a cigarette), but when it comes to my weight it's been starts and stops. This time is no different - the busy-ness of life (and my own lack of discipline and laziness) seem to have gotten me off track again.

I haven't been to the gym in over a week, and my diet has died. As school has ramped, as work has gotten busier and as the kids have gotten involved in activities, it seems as though I just jump from one thing to the other, and taking care of myself is lost in the wake. It's hard to eat right when you have five minutes before you have to leave for something. It's hard to eat right when you spend all weekend in a fast-track class (I started a third class this semester that lasts three weeks as we meet on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for five hours per day). It's hard to get up to go work out when you are so tired to begin with.

I've felt good about the progress I made in the few short weeks, especially in the gym. I'm going to make an extra effort to continue that - even if it means that I go early in the morning and not with Angie at 8:15. Please pray for my success, and let me know if you've been successful in this area - and how you've done it.


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April said...

My blog today is especially for you. Wow! It took me three days to think of a comment to your post. It was so long, and I had so much to say about it, that it had to have its own blog.