Sunday, January 27, 2008

5 Weeks In 15 Hours

I completed my first flex schedule weekend of the Spring '08 semester today. As I drove home from school this evening, I realized that I had just completed 5 weeks school in the weekend. I love this flex schedule, and wish I had discovered Richland College before last semester (when I took two economics courses).

I'm taking History 1301, American History on a flex schedule, meaning that I go to school from 6pm - 9pm on Friday, 8am - 4pm on Saturday, and 12pm - 4pm on Sunday for three weeks - and that's it. In 45 hours over three weekends I'll have completed 3.0 credit hours. I'm taking three classes this semester like this (HIST 1301, GOVT 2301 and HIST 1302) in addition to the two regular 14 weeks classes I am taking at UTD. At the end of this semester, I will have nine classes left to get my undergraduate degree.

And knowing that has me really motivated right now.


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