Thursday, January 31, 2008

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Who selected other, and what city did you mean? I have to know.



Anonymous said...

It was me, Marc. I was thinking Camden Yards in Baltimore, the most beautiful stadium, and you could watch the game from one of the resaurants overlooking the outfield. It is one of the last throwbacks to old time baseball left in the Major Leagues.

Michele said...

Well I changed my vote... to Boston. I think you and Dylan will have a blast there, its a great town.

Scott Lessard said...

I should have figured. Yeah, I'll take Dylan to Baltimore and after the game we'll go for crabcakes. What a dope you are...that's a real fun place for a kid.

My vote was DC. Lots to do other than take in a game. Boston will work, however, as we'll take in Fenway, the green monster, and some revolutionary war stuff.


Anonymous said...

Well since you already closed the poll I guess I shall have to weigh in via comment. I think you should take him to Boston. Be sure to rub in the fact that the Giants won the Superbowl for me while you are there. :)
yr cuz Jill