Monday, January 28, 2008

Frequent Flyers

I'm still a little hazy as to HOW I got roped into this, but frankly it really doesn't matter. The truth is, I am looking forward to it. The 'it' I am talking about is travel with the kids. Since I am away a lot, not only do I earn a lot of frequent flyer miles, but I miss out on spending time with the kids. Here's my opportunity to use those miles to make up for it.

If you look at this weeks poll question, you'll see that Dylan has a choice to make. I've offered him a ballgame (a weekend, actually) anywhere he wants in the US (lower 48 only). This is somewhat to make up for the fact that he missed our first annual Mets vs. Astros game in Houston last year. He is leaning toward Boston, and that's fine - I've never been to Fenway so it should be fun.

Marissa and I will be going to NY to see our Mets. Since she has found the Mets, she's only interested in them - so we'll fly up for a quick weekend game, see some family and come home.

Justin isn't real keen on going to a ball game (although he is coming with us to Houston, which is great) so we were picking our brains as to where we can go together. Our interests are a little different, so nothing out there would be fun to do with ME! So, we couldn't think of a place until Angie blurted out, "why don't you go to Vegas?" The second best idea she has ever had. So, Justin and I will fly off for a couple of days to Las Vegas this summer.

Cassie will probably come up to NY with me. I'll likely spend a week there where she can hang with AMA and I can work.

That leaves Angie and I. I'm counting on NEXT spring to be our big European getaway, so something small this year is in order. Not sure where yet, though. We were going to go to Branson, Wyoming but we have become a little skittish on the provider, so we are looking at other alternatives - and of course, there's my Alaska get away in August.

Now you know where I'll be on my weekends, once this school thing is over.


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