Monday, January 07, 2008

Return To Normalcy

In this case, normalcy is defined as 'school'. The kids returned to school this morning after what seemed like a couple of months long Christmas vacation. Don't get me wrong, the last several weeks have been great. Because I have the opportunity to work from home, I've spent a significant amount of time with the kids and it has been great. The last week has been especially fun with them, but sheesh - they are so out of routine that they seemed a little lost last night and this morning. They all got up fine, but I personally think the break is a little too long.

That being said, I am sorry to see that I start school this week. My breaks are never long enough. When I don't have school, my evenings are typically dedicated to the family. Even if I'm sitting on the couch, Angie says it's still nicer to have me home. My weekends are typically all hers, as I don't have to study. That ends in two days with my first day of class.

This semester may be worse than usual, as I am taking a full time load (5 classes). I usually only take two classes, but I've decided to take the extra three over weekends at the local community college. I have to do it this semester, or I'd have to take them at my school (which is more expensive) because of rules around transferring credits. So, starting on Wednesday, I am taking Organizational Behavior, Production Management, 2 History classes, and a US Government course. After this semester is done, I will only have 9 classes to go, which is less than 2 years.

I try to keep that fact in mind when I'm not sleeping and Angie and I have forgotten each other's name.


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