Friday, January 18, 2008

Littlest Lessard - Buy Out Offer

My blog, my trash talk...

You both know that the fatty in North Texas is going to win this.

Marc, you are like a big, beautiful shining star (as big as one, too - I heard your waist is measured in astronomical units)...unfortunately, like a shining star, you have burned yourself out. 6000 calories in the gym, and only 9.6 lbs lost. Next week, you might have a negative loss.

Michele, you are doing better than anyone ever thought - slow and steady. Unfortunately for you there is more slow than steady, and truth be told, you don't have a prayer. If you remember the story, the tortoise won not because the hare was fast, but because he was stupid. You don't have that advantage this time.

So - because I have 11 days between weigh-ins for week 3, I am opening up my heart to you. In fact, I'll open my heart, and you open your wallets. I'll let you buy out of the competition on the cheap. For this week ONLY (must be decided before next Wednesday), you can buy out for $25. Send me $25, and you are off the hook. Next Wednesday, the offer goes up substantially.

Let me know - it'll be the only chance you have to save some money. Either that, or you'll be buying airline tickets and dinner.



Michele said...

It took me a while to decide if I were actually going to respond to your smack talk. Then decided, what the heck. why not? Anyone reading this is going to look at you and see the real you anyway. And darlin you cant be missed!!! There may be something to be said for consistency and perseverance, and unless you are Psychic you really can't predict the outcome of this competition. Noone can. So talk all your smack talk....We all know its only to heighten the motivation between us ( although I had no idea how competitive we all were, especially you and Marc ). I am officially rejecting your proposal of a buyout. I am doing this WIN OR LOSE. So you may as well go cry in your Whataburger or RingDings and get it over with. If I know my brother Marc, he will reject it too and work even harder to beat the donuts out of ya!!

Scott Lessard said...

ok - but it will cost you $100 after next weigh in, and by then you'll see the error of your weighs [sic] and you will finally come to the conclusion that you really do have no shot.

Anonymous said...

How about I let you buy out for a trip to Dallas, dinner in the restaurant of my choice, and an extra one thousand dollars so you don't have to listen to me rag on you when I win? Forget your offer- it is an insult to the man that has all but negated your precious 18 pound cushion, and the woman who is creeping up behind you. Hear the footsteps? What is the matter? Did a California cheesecake prove too much for the big bad Dallas wolf? Suck it up and accept third place gracefully. Don't bother with anymore offers, I will not consider them, unless it is your resignation from the contest. In which case I will go on to win without you. (Marc shakes his head in disgust as he sends this comment.) signed- Marc Lessard

Scott Lessard said...

Obviously, your blood sugar is so messed up right now, you are delirious and not aware of what you are saying. That's fine with me, it gets more expensive as we go forward.