Thursday, January 24, 2008

Birthday Girl

I was looking back through the last couple of January's posts, and can't believe that I haven't posted about Cassie's birthday before.

Time to rectify the situation.

Yesterday we celebrated Cassie's 6th birthday. While I can't believe she is already six, I also can't believe she is only six. She seems so mature and so smart, sometimes it is easy to forget she is just a little kid - right up until the point where cries because she doesn't like the taste of her medicine or because she doesn't feel like cleaning up her room. Then you remember she is more baby than adolescent sometimes.

After school yesterday, we took Cassie to her video shoot. Video shoot?!?! She was asked to take part in a Superbowl party promotional shoot for church (every year the church hosts a Superbowl party), and they always do very funny commercials for the party. This year, a group of young "ladies" will be beating up the church staff in a friendly game of football. I can't wait to see the final product.

After her shoot, Dylan, Marissa, Angie and I took her to Chuck E. Cheese for some food and fun. We all played and collected tickets so she could pick a prize. Marissa and Dylan are GOOD at winning tickets and kindly shared their winnings. She picked some plastic bling and we were done.

Since I had school and the kids had church, we went on our separate ways.


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