Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Littlest Lessard - Week 1 Results

The results are in, and this is going to be a dog fight. The Lessards have lost an amazing total of 42.1 pounds this week - which is a total loss of 4.4% - and an awesome start to the Littlest Lessard competition.

Marc leads the way with 4.9% lost on an amazing week of 19.6 pounds lost. He claims his loss is due to eating 66 servings of fruits and vegetables and hours in the gym. With that much fiber, probably more like hours in the bathroom.

I am nipping at his heals with a 4.8% loss week, on 15.0 pounds. Because of starvation, I am literally nipping at his heals. They need salt.

And Michele ended her week at 3.2% on a very respectable 7.5 pounds lost. Unfortunately, she is likely to find that weight this week.

In all serious - an outstanding week by all the competitors. This is obviously not going to be a runaway, and for that I am thankful. The tenth of a percent I lost by today will motivate me through the week.

Game On!



Michele said...

It was an amazing week for all. Congrats to ALL of us!! First of all, Marc was really good about what he was eating, I even brought him some really tasty healthy foods from Trader Joe's. Second, DON'T use salt ( on Marc's heels ) you will only retain water. And Finally, I will NOT find that weight this week, You'll see!! Now I am determined to do even better. Since I have started my workout regime, I may give you a run for the money.
PS- 1985 - Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome - 2 men enter, 1 man leaves. ( in this case it may be a woman. lol )

Marc said...

Just for the record, my heels have been chewed off, so I have lost an additional .2 lbs, so 19.8 for the week. Take that!

Scott Lessard said...

It aint gonna help...although the Filet Mignon I had this evening isn't going to help either.

I will say this much, this competition has totally got me motivated. After I got back to the hotel after dinner, I wen't straight to the fitness center and burned off 520 calories.

Sibling rivalry is a very strong motivator. :)

I think "my ego is writing checks that my body can't cash" - Top Gun.