Saturday, January 05, 2008


The word service is made up of two parts. Serve and Ice. That's appropriate since Angie and I just got back from helping the junior high kids at church with their annual trek to the Dr. Pepper Stars Center for some good fun - broom ball.

Angie is very involved with the middle school ministry at church and it's not surprising considering she has two children of that age. Me, not so much. It's not something I enjoy - I cannot really connect with the kids that age. I don't speak their language and that's a major barrier. They think I'm an old fart, and that is also a major barrier.

However, she asked me if I might think about helping tonight as they were short on drivers. I don't know why I assented, but I did and not only was she very surprised, but very pleased. We both drove to church and were assigned kids. We were taking them to the mall for a couple of hours prior to our broom ball date. We didn't have to chaperon the kids at the mall, so after we all met up their Angie and I got a bite to eat at the California Pizza Kitchen. It was like a date and she was SO pleased that I was serving with her. We met up with the kids at the appointed time and drove over to the ice rink. We played several games, no major injuries incurred, but my knees are toast. I took a couple of good falls on them and they are really bruised.

We had a great time and it was fun playing with the kids. The best surprise of the night - the kids messed around with me and didn't make me feel like the old fart. I guess an old dog can learn new tricks.



Michele said...

WOW!! Ballon Balai!! That brings back memories eh? I don't know if you remember it well enuf but when we were kids and went up to Canada with daddy, we brought Broom ball home with us since we loved playing it so much up in Montreal. The brooms were dipped in orange wax and we played alot. How much fun was that? Sounds like you made the right decision to go...and had a good time doing it. Just for the record, YOU are NOT yet an old FART! CPK? My fav is the BBQ chicken pizza ( well its one of my favs ). At least you worked off what ever you ate!! LOL

Scott Lessard said...

Keep eating that pizza....I had a half order Waldorf Salad with Fat free vinaigrette on the side. I ate one of Angie's slices of pizza, but that's what I worked off.

Gotta run - going to the gym for a major Saturday workout. You are so gonna lose.

BTW - I remember playing in Canada and those brooms we brought home. Used to play in the basement. :)


Michele said...

I didnt say I ate the pizza, I said it was one of my favorites!! So there! Glad you remember that- It was alot of fun!!

Angie said...

You laughed more last night than I've seen you laugh in forever!!! It was so much fun doing that with you last night. Maybe you got a small glimpse of how I enjoy jr. high (for the most part) and how sometimes it just makes me feel not so 40. I had so much fun with you last night, maybe we should think of some other bone aching things for us to do on our dates! Oh my, that doesn't sound exactly how I meant it to! :)

Scott Lessard said...

I'm grinning....