Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Littlest Lessard - Week 3 Results

Our bodies must be changing, because we all claim to have good workouts and strict adherence to our diet plans, but not large losses this week. The good news is that we're still losing, and we've reached 70 pounds lost between the three of us. In three weeks, the Lessards have lost 7.5% of their former selves.

Leading the way this week, in a shocking upset, is Michele. She lost 3.0 pounds which represents a lost of 1.3%. Unfortunately, she is still pulling up the rear in the competition with 15 lbs lost for a total percentage lost of 6.4%.

Coming in a close second place this week is Marc, with a loss of 4.4 lbs (1.2%). He is the most despondant with this weeks performance and may be close to cutting off body parts for larger losses. He's still in first overall, however, with an amazing three week loss of 33.6 lbs (8.4%). If he wins, we'll need to review his after pic very closely.

Coming in last for the second consecutive week is me, with a 2 lbs loss (0.7%). I am in second overall with 22 lbs lost (7.1%). I am sure that I am not losing pounds because I am adding muscle weight from all my body building. Apparently, most of that muscle gain is in my head.

Stay tuned...there is only 2% points separating first place from last place and this is still anyone's race. It's a marathon, not a sprint, and there is a lot of running left to do.

Who's going to be able to claim the title, "Littlest Lessard"? It is wide open.


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Michele said...

Congrats to All. I still think any loss is a good loss. ( I keep repeating that to myself ) LOL. As I said to both of you in our earlier conversations, this is NOT the time to become down, only to work harder this coming week. In a way it is better for me emotionally that we all have had a not so stellar week. I dont feel as bad, I now know we are all going to have plateaus and lower weigh-ins. So back to the gym and burn those calories!!!! From the Stage Production of Gemini --" I'm not hungry I'll just pick "....and for you boys- " Take HUMAN BITES !!" Love Ya's