Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Littlest Lessard - Week 2 Results

The Lessards are still losing it! It being weight! (Although there is some discussion as to some of them losing their minds years ago). The week 2 weigh in is complete, and here are the results.

Marc continues to lead the way, with another 9.6 pounds (2.5%) lost this week. His total 2 week loss is an amazing 29.2 lbs putting him in first with 7.3% lost. He claims almost 6000 calories lost in the gym last week and looking at his weight loss so far, I believe him. But his wife and kids haven't seen him in weeks.

Michele came in second this week with a 4.5 pound loss (2.0%). Her total loss so far is 12.0 lbs (5.1%). She has started with a personal trainer, so not only is she keeping up with the BIG boys, she plans on making some headway. Apparently, her trainer is motivating her with the promise of Twinkies and Burittos.

I came in third this week, losing 5.0 pounds (1.7%) for a two week total loss of 20.0 lbs (6.5%). Because I am on the road, I had to use a weigh in from last Saturday, so if I don't have a very big loss next weigh in, I'll be disappointed. It's too bad that I've turned into such a pre-madonna and can't work out unless the gym has a fruit smoothie bar.

Below are the results. What is amazing to note is that between the three of us, there is over 61 pounds less Lessard now compared to when we started.



Michele said...

Well done everyone! As for my personal trainer...she did NOT promise Twinkies and burritos. I dont eat Twinkies!!! It was Yodels and White Castles. LOL Keep up the good work all. Cant wait to get to Texas!!

Angie said...

You guys are AWESOME!!! Now if I can just get my *#@*& in the gym to work off all the weight that I'm finding!

Congrats to all 3 of you!!!

Scott Lessard said...

Come on, baby...Let's work out!!!